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On 19 April 2018, Madison Group has successfully launched the campaign “BEGINNING YOUR JOURNEY WITH DIGITAL CONTENT TECHNOLOGY” with the announcement of strategic partnership among its four key media members:
– VIVO Communication Development Corporation (VIVO Media) with VIVO TV, a social media interactive platform (;
– LIME Entertainments Company Limited;
– MIA Media JSC (MIA Media); and
– Vietnam Technology & Communications Developments Corporation (VINATECH)

The event also held the signing ceremony between Madison Group, Lime Entertainments and the two leading Korean partners, KBS and SBS for the production of 4 television programs to be filming in 2018, including the Vietnamese version of the famous reality show Running Man, and other formats to be broadcasted on channels of Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) from 2018.
In the context of Digital Industry 4.0, and the explosive growth of communication technologies which has lifted internet connectivity up to a substantial new levels, Madison Group has decided to take a big step forward in building a sustainable ecosystem of multidisciplinary entertainment communications with an aspiration to become the leader in technological content trend for young generations in Vietnam.
Proudly speaking at the event, Mr. Vo Van Khang – Deputy General Director of Madison Group has shared: “Fully equipped with modern and innovative technologies, our platform, VIVO TV, is our promise to bring to end-users with a compelling digital content experience that meets international standards, and even more, this is a platform to deliver oriented entertainment contents with embarked cultural values to our young generations, a channel to nurture desires of our young people to reach out to the world, where we make dreams become realities. To do that, our young and dynamic members of the Madison family are working very hard day by day to develop a unique platform that is “always up-to-date with advanced technologies”; constantly innovate to deliver new and exciting entertainment and educational contents; and for the most to deliver a “sharing experience” with our customers.
As a critical component of the vision the strategic partnership between Madison Group and the two leading Korean companies, KBS and SBS is a strong foundation for the Group’s development and primarily is the pioneer of its globally expanding partnerships and networks.

As a highlight of the launching event, is the Group was very honor to have the presences of Mr. Lim Jae Hoon- the General Consular of the Republic of Korea in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Yoon Kwang Yul – Vice Consular, Ms. Jin A Young- KBS’s representative, Mr. James Hah and Mr. Kim Yong Tae –SBS’ representatives, and many other prestigious guests.
Congratulation to this cooperation, Mr. Lim Jae Hoon – General Consular of Republic of Korea in Ho Chi Minh has said “I am very happy to attend the production launching of TV reality show Running Man in Vietnam which is based on the famous Running Man of Korea. This format is a result of cooperation with the largest TV broadcasters of Korea, SBS, KBS, and Lime Entertainments and Madison Group. In particular, I sincerely congratulate Madison Group for your stepping stone into the media sector, I hope that Vietnam and Korea will continue to have more successful cooperation in film production projects in the future”
The event also attracted attention and participation of representatives from the City Departments, TV broadcasters, news agencies, content creators, artists, and advertising companies in Vietnam.
Introducing the ecosystem of media companies under the Madison Group

VIVO Media
VIVO was born with a mission to become a media interactive platform uniquely designed for young Vietnamese generation with smart and unique functions, and rich licensed contents. To deliver its message “Great in a click – experiencing the world at its peak with VIVOTV with just a click”, VIVO has developed Live TV function integrated on a modern technological platform with the high speed of processing and interaction with end-users to meet the fast-growing internet connectivity demands. Meanwhile, VIVO TV is expected to be a must- go- to playground for content creators where enable us to nurture, facilitate and turn dreams and potential ideas of young talents into realities.

LIME Entertainments
Being a pioneer in Vietnam in the areas of content distribution, film scripts, film production, TV programs, channel and broadcast consultancy, Lime Entertainments is proud to be the first Vietnamese communication company that has exclusively cooperation with SBS – one of the three largest television in Korea for the distribution of SBS’s contents in Vietnam.
With production experience ongoing successful TV program “Oh My Baby – Con đến từ hành tinh nào?” season 1 and season 2, Lime Entertainments has strongly affirmed its strengths in producing high-quality TV programs. This is a promising foundation for the successfulness of the Vietnamese version of Running Man in the coming future.

MIA Media
Accompanying and supporting the fast growth of VIVO TV, Mia Media Agency was born with a core team of experienced and active players who have handled high levels of strategic management positions in the industry, especially television and digital areas. This differentiation gives us competitive advantages in customizing our offers to maximize values and effects for our advertising partners, especially in terms of benefits and incentives, including:
 Ad Network with licensed inventory enables us to target ads to right audiences basing on the nature of specific brand while ensuring brand security.
 Strategic and development consultancy, particularly operating contents and TV channels.
 Mia Media is also the owner of a large content inventory with flexible and diversified types that are compatible for deployment on various platforms.

With experience in platform development and information security, VinaTech is a key member of the Group in setting up the foundation and ensuring the sustainable development of the Group’s ecosystem. Currently, VinaTech is responsible for building up the infrastructure for the entire social media platform of VIVO TV, the information security system, content review and advertising system for VIVO TV and Mia Media.
On the other hand, with the mission to bring technology to everyone, VinaTech is working under the direction of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and cooperating with the Department of Information and Communications, and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to carry out many community projects such as deployment of free wifi system for workers at industrial zones, in hospitals and the City’s book road project, etc

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