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Group News


By June 28, 2018 No Comments

Earlier last month, the representatives of Madison Group’s media companies including VIVO Media, MIA Media, LIME Entertainments, PROPENSI Media had a business trip to the workplace and film studio of SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) in South Korea.

 According to the conversation with MR. Jeong Hoon Park – President & CEO of SBS, Mr J.Y.Cho – Media Business Center, Vice President and other representatives about SBS’s working models as well as development orientation in Vietnam, Madison Group affirmed the strength and development target in the field of communication in order to make a long-term cooperation.

SBS gave Madison Group a warm welcome

Visiting the studio for SBS News

The conversation between Madison Group and SBS

Mr. Võ Trung Chính – Chairman of Madison Group with Mr. J.Y. Cho – Media Business Center & Vice President SBS and Mr. Yoon Sang Sup – CEO of Lime Entertainments

With the big event introducing a media group and the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Madison Group with KBS as well as SBS in April about producing 4 television shows included Running Man, a hot TV show in Asia, which’s shooting in 2018 and publishing on HTV, the business trip of Madison Group to SBS furthermore proves the great cooperative relationship between them.

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