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Investment Project Highlights /

Coneff Overseas Study Consultancy

responding to the increasing demand for overseas study, tourism, trade promotion and international labour mobility.

Vietnam Coneff Overseas Study Consultancy Corporation is a new investment field of Vietnam Coneff with great potential for development in Vietnam in order to meet the increasing demand for overseas study, tourism, trade promotion and international labour mobility. With a dedicated, enthusiastic, trustworthy, and proactive approach, Coneff services are provided in a comprehensive package from procedures advisory, school selection, documentation, to accommodation arrangement, and after-sale services.

Through the support of Coneff, many students have fulfilled their dreams of studying abroad. At the same time, Coneff is also becoming a node between world class universities and Vietnamese students.


Vietnam Coneff Overseas Study Consultancy Corporation 

What we offer

Reach your full potential



  • School and course se- lection consulting
  • Introduce high value scholarship programs from prestigious universi- ties for parents and stu- dents’ references



  • Visa application services Accommodation arrangement & support
  • Interview practice
  • TOEFL & IELTS short courses


  • Introduce high-quality short courses which provide training for independence and language skills in order to develop child’ independence and culture knowledge