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full package business solution, from ideation, investment to execution and monitoring.

With many years of experience working as specialists in strategic management and business operations, the management team at Madison Group has accumulated significant insights and knowledge through many different types of projects, from State projects to those of private sectors, from infrastructure, technology to media, agriculture, and from small to mega scales. The team also has built up strong networks within each industry as well as with the governmental agencies through significant contribution to the overall development of the country.

To leverage these core competencies, Synergy Corporation is established with a mission to support local and global businesses. The company has a great commitment to excellence in providing full package business solutions, from raw ideas to execution and monitor, and from general investment to technical issues such as master planning. Open and effective business model also enables Synergy Corporation to flexibly adapt to the constant changing of the business environment.


Synergy Corporation 

Our commitment to excellence in providing full package business solutions